The Pro’s of iTraceIT and blockchain for hemp, cannabis, product, tracking, and traceability

Transparency: One of the biggest benefits of blockchain is transparency. With iTraceIT and blockchain technology this provides origin, traceability and transparency of pertinent information.

Security: An unmodifiable record of transactions. Verification and approval make it very difficult for fraud. Consumers have a certainty that this information is true and correct on the products they are using or receiving.

Decentralized: iTraceIT and blockchain technology provides the use of smart contracts on the blockchain.

Real-time information: Because iTraceIT and blockchain technology utilizes decentralization everyone has access to the pertinent information on the products and it’s definitive routes through the networks.

iTraceIT and blockchain technology is here to help!

  • Farmers – Able to utilize info whether the products are organic, the use of pesticides, licensure, and test findings.
  • Processors – Makes sure the product is exactly what it is, COA’s, THC content, product info, and no knockoffs. The products that use iTraceIT and blockchain technology make it able to put a stop to fraudulent products.
  • Retailers – The safety of knowing that if there is any problems with any of the products, they are able to remove the exact affected products from the shelves, which saves money.
  • Consumers – The transparency and interoperability of the iTraceIT and blockchain technology eases the minds of the consumers by knowing that what they are putting in their bodies is exactly whats is labeled and the authenticity of the products.
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