Q: What is EMS?

A: EMS is a token which was created on the Tron Blockchain in September of 2018. It is a multi-use case cryptocurrency token which will be implemented in several key growing industries. These are the Health and Wellness industry, CBD and Hemp/farming industry and the Electronic Gaming world. The combination of these industries will bring tremendous value and potential of growth for the utility of the EMStoken. The biggest use case is the iTraceIT technology of the smart contract, providing traceability from seed to sale in the booming Hemp industry.

Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?

A: 3-5 day processing before orders are shipped. If the order is large than it will be a 7-14 day processing before order is shipped.

Q: Where can I purchase EMS?

A: EMS is currently listed on JustSwap and will be listed on more exchanges in 2020. The smart contract is TU1y4mBMFr8jGMQsD7DafAvkFwqCWWS2hU

Q: Where can I follow updates for EMS?

A: Join our telegram channel at t.me/EMStokengroup where you can interact with our team and community.
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EMS_token

Q: What does EMS stand for?

A: EMS represents the Earth, Mind and Soul. We are working on creating a New Dimension of Wellness via our blockchain technology and our network.

Q: How do I get my store product as a featured item in the market place?

A: When uploading your product be sure to always use the members products category tag. EMS can then easily pull your products to be featured. We always pull items randomly so using the tag does not guarantee to always be a featured product.

Q: What is the Agent Program?

A: The Agent Program was created to reward individuals for simply referring others to our website who wish to purchase our products, services and merchandise. There is a form to fill out and once approved, each agent is given a unique code that provides a 15 percent discount. Then the orders will be tracked and the agent will be paid monthly, according to the tier they are at.

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