EMStoken Creation

Formation of our Team and Community Support

Social Media Push to build a global presence

TRC20 Swap

EMS Burn/Freeze Initiated: Ensuring the development and value of our token

List on Exchanges: Bring more exposure to our token and liquidity

Custom Hemp Game in Development: EMStoken will be used to play

Agent Program Initiated: This puts boots on the ground to build exposure and sales

Secure Suppliers: Farmers and Growers across the U.S.

Expand our Current Product line: CBD Beauty products, CBD Flower, CBG and more

A.I. Technology in Development: Creating and utilizing A.I. Technology in our services

Start of the EMS Educational Platform: Creation and adding developers to work on the EMS Platform

Marketplace Live: This will be a One Stop Shop for all things Hemp related and more

Farmer Services: Incorporating an option for Insurance and a seed to sale setup on our Marketplace, including A.I. Technology

Expand Globally: Expanding our Marketplace and Products across the Globe

Token Supply: 21,000,000,000
Current Token Supply: 3 Billion
Burn 10 Billion To Start: 9/22/2019 ✅
Burn 2 Billion, Freeze 2 Billion 9/24/2019 ✅
Burn 6 Billion + Burn Frozen 2 Billion✅

TRC20 Token On The TRON Blockchain
Token Type: Utility


EMS Global Wellness Featured in the Corporate Investment Times Magazine

EMS token is a multi-use case cryptocurrency token which will be implemented in several key growing industries. These are the Health and Wellness industry, CBD and Hemp/farming industry and the Electronic Gaming world. The combination of these industries will bring tremendous value and potential of growth for the utility of the EMStoken. We found that with the right partnership, we could bring the convenience of cryptocurrency to the CBD and Hemp industries. In September of 2019, we partnered with CompareCBD and the WorldCBDAwards. This provides expansion across Europe and the unique opportunity into the CBD market to help bring awareness to a growing market and to work with the highest quality products to benefit consumers.

As we develop our partnerships, we plan on utilizing the EMS Token as a payment method as well as a potential discount for products and merchandise. We are working on finalizing our Agent Program which will help build exposure and push our brand across the globe. As more states begin to legalize medical marijuana, we will also look at ways to enter this market as well. We are currently utilizing our growing network to connect with farmers and those in the Hemp industry. We will create a strong model and help both economies and the earth to benefit from the growth of the hemp and agritech sectors. 

The EMS token will also be utilized in gaming as a health pack or health booster, where individuals can purchase our token and utilize it in games whom we partner with on the Tron block chain. This will help boost demand of the EMS token and bring more value. We currently have 8 core team members combining years of experience and abilities to further this project. There are also another 15 individuals helping EMS token grow through social media, sales, networking and marketing. We will continue to add to our team as growth ensues. When we develop our EMS platform, we will bring on developers and the necessary individuals for that portion of EMS. 

The official EMS token ID for our original TRC10 token is 1000945. The new TRC20 token which is currently being utilized has the smart contract address of TU1y4mBMFr8jGMQsD7DafAvkFwqCWWS2hU .

Stay tuned as we will have more exchanges coming!!! For all updates and to interact with our team, join us on Telegram at t.me/EMStokengroup

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