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January 25, 2020

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July 26, 2020

Hello everyone,
Whenever people consider joining the EMS community, there are a few common questions that come up.
Chances are you’re thinking about one or more of these questions too, so I think it’s best we
cover them now together.
Let’s go . . .

FAQ on iTraceIT

Questions on listing on iTraceIT

“Do I need to have a business before joining?”
Yes, you need a business before joining. We also cover how to find good markets, so this is
something that can help you in a great industry.

“How is this different from another marketplace?”
EMS marketplace and iTraceIT are more direct response advertising and quality. This is more
long-term. You’re bringing in traffic, building up a community, and building trust with customers on your quality and assurance, so they’ll buy from you for the next decade and they’ll tell their friends about you. You’ll be able to increase your revenue and net profit.

“How much time will this require to implement iTraceIT for my products?”
The truth is there’s no minimum or maximum amount of time. This is an ongoing thing, so
create products you’re passionate about.

“How will this help me stand out from the competition in my industry?”
iTraceIT will help you become known to everyone in your niche. Your store will become the
“go-to” brand that pops into your customers’ heads whenever they are thinking about
purchasing a product that you offer. Your businesses’ valuation will be exponentially higher,
since you will have authentic and safe products listed. You will own products that are an
authority in your niche.

“Do you offer a payment plan?”
We do offer payment plans and you can contact us at info@emshempnetwork.com

If there’s still something that’s holding you back from signing up for iTraceIT, then please reply
to info@emshempnetwork.com and let me and my team know. We’ll gladly answer any
questions you have about this program.

Join us in the iTraceIT program and maximize your safe, authentic, and trustworthy products
today! https://www.emshempnetwork.com

Talk soon,
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