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EMS token

EMS token is a multi-use case cryptocurrency token which will be implemented in several key growing industries. These are the Health and Wellness industry, CBD and Hemp/farming industry and the Electronic Gaming world. The combination of these industries will bring tremendous value and potential of growth for the utility of the EMStoken..

We welcome many from the hemp industry, including: farmers, suppliers, processors, and end users. Whether using this co-op just to save money on seeds, or to have a partner throughout your hemp growing or extracting experience, you're at the right place. We have members from throughout the industry. Looking for a helping hand? Need an experienced grower to collaborate with? Just want to network and build your business? Here's a great place to start. we plan on utilizing the EMS Token as a payment method as well as a potential discount for products and merchandise. We are working on finalizing our Agent Program which will help build exposure and push our brand across the globe. As more states begin to legalize medical marijuana, we will also look at ways to enter this market as well.

We found that with the right partnership, we could bring the convenience of cryptocurrency to the CBD and Hemp industries. In September of 2019, we partnered with CompareCBD and the WorldCBDAwards. This provides expansion across Europe and the unique opportunity into the CBD market to help bring awareness to a growing market and to work with the highest quality products to benefit consumers. As we develop our partnerships,

We are currently utilizing our growing network to connect with farmers and those in the Hemp industry.

We will create a strong model and help both economies and the earth to benefit from the growth of the hemp and agritech sectors.


CEO Jason Morgan

A versatile entrepreneur with strong interest in finding a new and technological ways of making life easier for humanity. Jason has worked in fire and emergency services since 2010, providing assistance and helping manage fire incidences. He was the Vice President of marketing and sales in 2008 for the family clinic in Bentonville, AR. He is also a seasoned Graphic Designer for Ready Flow Enterprises, creating world-class designs for the enterprise since 2000. Contact: emergencymedicaltoken@gmail.com

COO Mark Morgan

Bachelor's degree Southern Nazerene University, President of Ready Flow Inc. 1983 - 2011. Ready Flow Inc. Was the leader in the United states in its type of printing, it then moved into the International Market. Cross trained in all aspects of operations of the company. The company was sold in 2011. Well schooled in Human Resources. I also feel a companies best asset is their employees.

CMO Kevin Glor

Talented in business development and also specializes in networking and marketing. He has a degree in exercise physiology and has been working in the health industry for more than 20 years. He is helping EMS create "A New Dimension of Wellness." He owns a personal training company; Rochester Personal Training and Consulting. Contact: www.rochesterpersonaltraining.com kevin@rochesterpersonaltraining.com

CFO Chance Sowers (AFIS and Ohio Hemp Farmers Co-Op)

Chance was born and raised in Williamsport, OH. He went on to study business and communications at Coastal Carolinas University and later graduated with a Bachelors in Specialized Studies in Business, Communications and Human Resources from Ohio University in 2011. Chance is an experienced entrepreneur operating multiple small businesses in the Ohio area. Co-Founder of Underdogs, LLC which gives him food/beverage and retail experience for EMS. Producer/Legacy for his family owned and operated insurance agency. His skills in insurance will help EMS cheaply evaluate their risk when needed and give EMS hemp farmers valuable advice on risk and how to grow the new commodity. Metzger Insurance currently insures many acres of crop land and this will help EMS reach growers quickly. Lastly, he is part owner of Thompson Corner Farms and with this experience we found Chance to be a perfect fit for CFO and North American Farm and Hemp Advisory. Contact: Chance@metzgerinsuranceagency.com

Treasurer Ed Teck

Edward Teck is the Treasurer of the EMS Global Wellness Co-Op Corp. He earned a BBA in business and has over 30 years of experience leading large scale medical device, pharmaceutical packaging and electronics manufacturing operations. His background includes competencies in budgeting/P&L Statements, lean/six sigma, quality management, CAPA, validation and a comprehensive background in a variety of plastics and assembly manufacturing processes. Ed is active in the community working closely with local school systems and is a board member of Western North Carolina STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Ed looks forward to being a part of the EMS family and shares the passion of making a difference in people’s lives. Contact: EdwardTeck@Yahoo.Com

Social Media Director Chris Townsend

Chris who resides in Australia has been in the Blockchain/Crypto space since 2017. Over time he has learned a lot regarding blockchain technology and how to market and educate users that may be unfamiliar with the underlying tech. He has a talent with his wording on social media and knows how to reach targeted audiences. By doing so he has connected numerous partners for EMS, including the well known PotCoin currency, which has been around since 2014. He has also signed 2 pro athletes that compete in the extreme sports industry known as Red Bull Ice Cross. Formerly known as Red Bull Crashed Ice.

CTO Scott Root

Scott's coding career got started in high school with Visual Basic classes. He attended Digipen Institute of Technology, where he not only learned C and C++ but also built a strong understanding of programming fundamentals. He later earned Microsoft Certifications in nearly every Microsoft product at TLG Learning then Afterwards, with his knowledge of programming fundamentals and data structures from Digipen he was able to teach himself languages such as C#, C++/CX, Javascript, Solidity, and also markup languages like XAML, XML, and HTML.

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